Press Conference By MDMJ In Respond to Actions Done by Impian Rakyat Working Commitee

This press conference is arranged by Council in respond to actions done at Council's Office  on the morning of 30th June 2014 by the so called Impian  Rakyat Working Committee led by YB Cik Ting Tze Fui,Adun N40 Meradong in protest on Drainage Desilting .

Council had treated this act of doing as an childish and unmatured ways to protest and especially being led by Honourable Yang Berhormat to dump drain soil in front of Council's office.This act was considered as uncivilised.Council had lost total respect to Yang Berhormat to led such an action.

For information,Council is trying its best within its  capacity and limited allocation given to provide  their services to the Public.The Council now are facing deficit budget and have zero allocation in respect  to clearing of drains from the year 2011 to 2014.So Council had not arranged any desilting contract this year.But Council did carry out clear some drains in certain parts of Bintangor.As such ,Yang Berhormat's  statement to say that council's Contractor did not carry out the desilting works was untrue.

Council normally will act immediately to complaints received directly from general public as required under MS ISO Standard .Based  on our record on complaints on drains,Council had received 2 Complaints in 2013 and 1 complaint in 2014 and all complaints had been duty checked and rectify accordingly within the period under MS ISO Requirements.

Council reserved it rights to take further action against such acts if necessary.

Lastly ,instead of complaining a small matter in the press ,Yang Berhormat should fight for more fund to be allocated to Maradong And Julau District Council and Meradong District as whole  she represented to help to improve the condition to her rakyat.

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