Bill Kayong mati ditembak (Update)

PKR Miri branch secretary and Bekenu-PKR candidiate Bill Kayong is suspected to have been assasinated at a traffic  in broad daylight at Permyjaya- Kuala Baram road this morning.
His Toyota 4WD double cab vehicle with PKR logo was shot through the driver's side window while he was waiting for the traffic light near E-Mart supermarket to turn green.
He was reportedly shot once in the neck with a suspected shotgun and found slumped in his seat at about 9 20 am
Bill was a vociferous advocate of social issues and had banked on NCR land issues in the last state election.
He lost in the three-corner fight against Ripin Lamat PBB-BN in the 11th state election.
His death has sent shockwaves across the state.

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