Nak kita gaggo pasal apa ??? Yea di Johor bukan di Sarawak

Nak digaggo oleh Masing yea apa hal jaga jak hal kita di Sarawak tok Dah....iboh nak politik 24 jam...

“The 30,000 to 40,000 Sarawakians residing in Johor should be given help, especially those who had been there for years, if help is sought. From past records, Sarawakans residing in Johor are good and peaceful citizens.” Masing’s sentiment was, however, not shared by Abdul Karim, who said Mohamed Khaled’s proposal deserved to be appreciated and applauded.

“Sarawakians in Johor come under the purview of Johor, not Sarawak. Much of their needs and welfare can be taken care of it they have a political vehicle,” said Abdul Karim, when contacted yesterday.

Hence, Asajaya assemblyman Abdul Karim said Sarawakians here should not get too emotional or think this was one way for Umno to spread its influence among Sarawakians.

“As it is, there are many Sarawakians who are Umno members, through Umno Club, when they are studying overseas. The situation in Johor is somewhat similar.”

Wan Junaidi, in echoing Abdul Karim’s sentiments, said the Umno branch would serve not just as a political platform but a way for Sarawakians to play a more significant role in the state. He even suggested that these Sarawakians be given the chance to register as voters in their current place of domicile in Johor.

“For me, there is no problem for Sarawakians, be they Ibans, Bidayuhs, Malays or other races, to be Umno members in Johor, as long as Umno is not brought into Sarawak,” said Santubong MP Wan Junaidi

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