Dipetik dari blog Anak Sungai Derhaka
Jika spekulasi ini adalah benar.. mampukah Najib bertahan dalam menghadapi serangan yang dikira akan menjadi bersepadu dari Blogger Pro Pakatan Rakyat dan juga dari Blogger Pro UMNO/BN sendiri?
Adakah Najib bakal tersungkur dan dipaksa berundur dari jawatan yang dipegangnya lantas mengukir nama dalam sejarah Malaysia sebagai Perdana Menteri yang paling pendek tempoh pemerintahannya?
Najib juga dikatakan kini sedang diasak kedinding dan dalam masa yang sama memerangkapnya oleh Muhyiddin dan juga sepupunya sendiri iaitu Hishamuddin..
Masa akan menentukan segalanya..
Spekulasi mengatakan Rocky’s Bru atau Datuk Ahiruddin Atan sekali lagi akan menjadi pemain utama dalam kempen politik setelah beliau meninggalkan Redberry Group pada penghujung Mei lalu setelah kontraknya tamat.
Beliau dikatakan merancang sebuah Blog baru dan beliau juga dikatakan merancang untuk membangunkan sebuah Website baru bagi menggerakkan kempennya itu.
Blog barunya itu dikatakan akan mengepalai media online dalam melakukan serangan terhadap Najib Tun Razak, Presiden UMNO yang juga Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang kini kelihatan semakin lemah dan tidak menentu hari demi hari.
Nama Rocky dikatakan telah meningkat naik setelah beliau dan rangkaian Blogger dan penulis menjalankan kempen menentang Kerajaan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan the New Straits Times.
Itu adalah sebahagian terjemahan dari artikel di bawah..
Rocky to lead media onslaught against Najib?
By uppercaise
Word has been going around about what Rocky of Rocky’s Bru (Datuk Ahiruddin Atan) would do next, after leaving Redberry group at the end of his contract in May. Speculation was that that he would once again be involved in media as point man for a new political campaign.
He’s planning a new blog… he’s planning a new web site…
Now a new blog fingers Rocky as leading an online media onslaught against Najib Tun Razak, the Umno president, whose precarious hold on the prime ministership looks even more tenuous day by day.
Rocky had risen to prominence by using his blog and his network of blogger and journalist friends to campaign against the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi government and the New Straits Times.
When Abdullah was ousted and Najib took over a year later Rocky appeared to have become the voice of the new power establishment, with close ties to the new Najib appointees at the NSTP group.
He made a loudly proclaimed return to the Malay Mail where he had once worked (and supervised its collapse as a free afternoon paper) before being pushed upstairs as editorial adviser after Redberry, primarily an outdoor advertising company, took control of the Malay Mail, Malaysian Reserve, a financial daily, and Bernama TV media sales.
Now Rocky’s out on the loose — and some say he’s gunning for Najib.
The latest is this posting at a new blog..
Ada Batu (Rocky) Dalam Selimut
Posted on August 20, 2011 by catoutofbag
Some people in PMO have been wondering why PM has been acting weird lately. Is it because of pressure from Bersih? Is he worried about elections?
Maybe. But the real reasons are that history has a way of repeating itself.
In 2006 and 2007 a certain Batu by the name of Rocky aka Datuk Ahirudin Atan made his move against that sleepyhead PM Pak Lah. Being asleep Pak Lah had no idea what was happening.
Rockybru, the self-proclaimed tai ko of SoPo bloggers organised a full on assault against sleepyhead. Backed by Dr M, Rocky influenced public opinion against Pak Lah, and helped oust the sleeping PM.
In stepped our current PM Datuk Seri Najib.
Here’s where it gets interesting. Rocky is doing the same thing again. But this time against our current PM.
By next month Rocky will have his new news blog set up. Operating from an office in a nice KL suburb, Rocky will be ably assisted by his side kick Shamsul Akmar Musa Kamal.
Notice how Rocky in his blog has already been laying the groundwork on his blog by attacking certain deals.
Well wait for his new venture.
But the really interesting thing is who is backing his new venture financially.
If you were to find out you would think these were some of Najib’s closest allies.
After all it includes people linked to, wait for it, ….Hishammuddin Hussein and Muhyiddin Yassin – the two men who have been pushing Najib to the right, cornering the PM, and basically trapping the PM.
Oh, and if you want to know more about the Hisham-Muhyiddin alliance read biometricscandal.wordpress.com
Next instalment – I will let you guys know about the plot to control the media ala Mat King Leather style.
The game’s afoot and Najib is the prey…
And who is Cat Out of the Bag? In his own words:
Letting the cat out of the bag
Posted on August 20, 2011 by catoutofbag
Welcome to my brand new blog catoutofbag.wordpress.com.
As Malaysia heads towards the next general elections, I find myself in a privileged position to, well, let the cat out of the bag when it comes to the political comings and goings of Putrajaya and those hoping to get control of our country’s seat of power.
This will be a no-frills site lah, macam AirAsia…after all you just want to know what’s happening right?
Who am I?
I am the civil servant in Putrajaya, the consultant in PMO, the fly on the wall everywhere…you did not really think I would tell you who I am right?
Sure my anonymous nature would lead you to suspect my motives and the truth of my exposes, but I will let you judge for yourself the credibility of my posts.
This is not a blog to attack any one in particular. But I just thought Malaysians should get to know a bit about what is happening behind the scenes politically lah.
You don’t really think reading The Star, Utusan or even Insider or Kini would be enough right?
Anyway watch this space for my first revelation
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