Dasar Sik pandai bersyukur...Sik ditolong madah kerajaan mcm2..bla dah ditolong pandai ungkit2 agik...bagus dah perintah berunding dengan sidak pengganas tok..tok gila2 nak molah sidang media mcm2 agik.. Nasihat kepada gov lepas  tok biar jak sidak dap yang atur lepas tok..sidak pandai gilak..

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Just so you are aware..

The person who held the press conference to announce to the world that RM12 million was collected in donations for the release of the 4 hostages and then handed over to police is Datuk Lau Cheng Kiong,

Datuk Lau is the uncle of one of the released hostages, Johnny Lau Jung Hien.

He is also the father of DAP MP for Lanang, Sarawak, Alice Lau Kiong Yieng.

Datuk Lau also used to be a branch chairman for BN component party SPDP some time ago.

Read here to understand why I consider what Datuk Lau did when he held that Press Conference to be very wrong: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1818859444999508


Kempen keselamatan jalan raya peringkat Bahagian Sarikei oleh Yb Dato Sri Huang 18/6/2016 di Simpang Bulat
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