KAPIT: The people here will be able to drive to Sibu as well as other parts of Sarawak once the road connecting this small town in the inner Rajang to Song and Kanowit is completed in three to four years.

Barisan Nasional candidate for the Kapit parliamentary seat Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi said yesterday that the 85km road was already in progress.
"So far 20km of the stretch has been completed and we expect the whole project to be ready in three to four years," he said during a meet the  people session at Kapit jetty.
The road from Kapit to Song involves about 45km while the rest is from Song to Kanowit. Once the road reaches Kanowit, it will connect to Kapit.
"The people have been waiting for 50 years for the road and this is what the opposition has been playing with. However, what is important now is that the road is already in progress," said Alexander.
He said Kapit has been allocated a total of RM443 million since 2010 for various developments and one of the biggest projects was the road construction.
"Other than that, we have been helping the people here to get clean water supply, enhance longhouses, support for the elderly and a new school in Song district."
Commenting on the land grab issue which is the top political agenda by the opposition, Alexander said as of now there was no native customary rights (NCR) issue in the area.
"The people could be influenced by the opposition campaign with NCR land issues but I'd like to stress that such issue does not exist in Kapit," said Alexander.
If given the mandate, Alexander said he would work harder on initiatives that have already been done here like infrastructure projects.
In the election on Sunday, Alexander will face DAP Ramli Malaka. 

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