Usah termakan dengan janji palsu DAP..Rakyat Sarawak perlu bijak memilih calon yang boleh membantu dan mesra rakyat .


A PKR leader openly said she will abolished Swk Immigration Powers if they win Putrajaya. That statement alone signify the very essence of PKR's political philosophy of not respecting Swk as a party to the Malaysia Agreement that eventually form Malaysia.
Their support for our initiatives to pursue devolution of powers from Federal is beyond doubts artificial.
PKR and DAP leaders frm West Malaysia alike has no tiny reverence for Swkian and our societies unique values.
Their snobbish attitude and unscrupulous trademark political campaign are deem unsavory as far we Swkian are concerns.
We Swkian despise those political bigots and chauvinist who promote hostility and confrontation in their sole effort to overthrow a democratic elected government or to destruct a smooth election process.
We will protect and continue to fight for every single constitutional rights that are truly ours.
They shd know and acknowledge that status of ours.
People with malicious intention or vexatious character who frequently associate themselves with practices deem detrimental to our tranquil, close knit and intergrated multi racial society shall be deemed "Persona Non Grata".

Abdullah Hj.Saidol
Incumbent BN candidate for N42 Semop
Chairman, Swk BNBBC

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